We Run 7 Marketing Campaigns throughout the year. Our demographics include travel and entertainment websites, many which target, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and California. We also have a small footprint in China, Europe and the International Travel Space. We operate specific community targeted local web portals as well as websites which cater to a national or international audience. You will find more customized content on these regionally specific sites.

Campaigns Schedule


  • Football Playoffs
  • Mardi Gras
  • Spring Break
  • Spring Festivals
  • Summer of Fun
  • Back to Shool
  • Holiday Shopping

A portal site that has highlights from many of the other sites in the Webmasters Portal. There are also articles from the travels of the owners. Watch a video of the Total Solar Eclipse, View Amazing pics of Turkey, The Grand Canyon, India, and much more.

E-Magazine for the New Orleans area. Site features events, local attraction overviews, and articles about the area.

Bar Review site for the Dallas area. Site has a large listing of bars by area of town and happy hour specials by day of the week.

Bar Review site for New Orleans. Site has a large listing of bars by area of town and happy hour specials by day of the week.

Local E-Magazine site for the Oklahoma City area. Site features bar, restaurant and local event listings.

Directory Listing of websites for the State of Oklahoma. Site features hand crafted results for good website, and sponsored listings.

Newly renovated site that features information on discounts for an array of products from many great retailers, including Amazon, Dell, TigerDirect and Barnes and Noble.

Travel Websites

Collection of websites that re-sell Inventory. We also sell custom ad space and have specific search systems for amenities and geographic region. We are in the early stages of publishing travel information and travel entertainment video.

Search database for hotels that allow pets. This site has been a proven money maker over the years.

Website has discount hotel rooms for most of the countries in Europe. The database system also has a large list of cities, and maps of the regions within the country.

Website that has an image map search system for all 50 states. Back in the day this site used to create revenue from free search terms. Terms such as "French Lick, Ind", "Hotels USA", and "Pets allowed in Manchanset, Mass" helped propagate the legend of free money harvested from the internet.
Search database exclusively for hotels that have a pool.
Search database exclusively for hotels with broadband connections.
Search database for hotels that have tennis courts only.



Fun Facts about the Portal

Stats are from 1999-2007

Total Visitors: 1.2 million
Total Page Views: 4.2 million
Websites Operational: 23
Total Hotel Rooms nights sold: 1800
20% of the visitors have english as a second language

We have sold hotel rooms in China, Europe, and South America. Our visitors are comprised of 2 principal target demographics. They are a mix of local information traffic in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and California with tourism traffic from around the globe.


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