ASP Classic Help

Do you need help your legacy technology? Firecane Digitals experienced engineers have been coding and building computer networks before the days of the Internet. We don’t shy away from the hard problems and understand that sometimes old system need to stay active for a little while longer. When you are ready to migrate to modern platform we can help you make the transition.

We provide support for a wide range of legacy hosting, database, and applications in languages that most companies do not. Our Sr. team of developers all learned how to code at a young age, and have worked with many of the IT systems that are in need of support today.

PHP 5, 7 and MySQL 7

Having issues with the recent forced updates to PHP 8 and MySQL 8? We can host and support your legacy app and provide you accurate estimates to re-factor the existing code, or migration to a modern programming stack.

Legacy Programing Language We Support

PHP 5, PHP 5, MySQL 4,5,6, Python 1,2, Borland C, FoxPro, Pearl

ASP Classic Support & Hosting

The ASP Classic Stack including IIS 6,7,8 Windows 2013, 2016. XP. Windows 2000 WAMP Stacks, VB 6.

Database Migration

Many Legacy Application can seem daunting to replace when data has been stored and updated in and awkward and non-conformed manner. We can map your data into a new platform while normalizing the structure during the migration process.

Integration with modern API’s.

Do you need your legacy web app to talk to 3rd Party Services? Payment integrations with PayPal, Stripe and other vendors. MailChimp, CRM, and other marketing platforms can talk to your legacy DB system.